30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back!

Once your carpet or rug is delivered to you, you can benefit from a risk-free, in-home trial with a 30- Day Money back Guarantee; Open the package, lay the rug flat and experience it in your home for a couple of days. View it at different times of the day under different lighting conditions. If you are not completely satisfied with the carpet or rug you purchased from us or it just does not meet your expectations, you should contact our Customer Service Department within 30 days from the date of the purchase to process your return.

An email containing all return shipping instructions will be sent to you. Make sure to completely wrap your carpet or rug in the original packaging or equivalent and use tape to secure it well. Follow the instructions that will be provided in the email. No returns will be accepted unless prior authorisation has been given.
How does It Work?
  • Returned items will be fully refunded less the original shipping fee and handling costs.
  • All customers are responsible for return shipping costs, except in the case of a defective rug.
  • International customers are responsible for return shipping costs, including any duty and customs clearance fees.
  • Please note that all our oriental rugs and carpets are inspected upon arrival and any items that have been damaged or soiled in anyway, and are not in their original state may be refused or additional fees will be charged.
  • For further information and inquiries, you can also take advantage of our FAQ section or contact us for more details about our Return Policy.

        If you need more help simply contact us for further assistance.