Gabbeh Rugs

Notorious for their solid bold colors and ultra-thick pile, hand-knotted Gabbeh rugs are arresting in all their beauty. ...

While the first Gabbeh carpets originated in Iran, modern versions of the rug come from India, Pakistan and Turkey featuring visual references to their time and culture.

The Kashkuli Gabbeh collection merges organic materials with a clean and modern aesthetic that sets the standard in the luxury design industry.

ECARPETGALLERY Gabbeh rug in office space
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  1. Indian Kashkuli Gabbeh 9'1" x 11'5" Hand Loomed Wool Rug Indian Kashkuli Gabbeh 9'1" x 11'5" Hand Loomed Wool Rug
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Gabbeh (Gebbeh) rugs are made in two distinct types, colored and natural. The ‘natural’ Gabbehs are generally made from undyed yarn in various shades of white, cream, grey and brown. The important element about true Gabbeh designs is that they are in fact not ‘designed’ but rather primitive and spontaneous. Small stylized animal motifs are scattered throughout the field adding visual interest and graphic appeal. In addition to the classic and natural Gabbeh rugs, ECARPETGALLERY carries an array of modern Gabbeh carpets in varying shades of green, blue, silver, orange and pink. The quality is made to be hard-wearing with the majority of our Gabbeh rugs featuring a long pile as its name suggests - the word means ‘unclipped’ or ‘long-haired’.

How to style a Gabbeh Rug?

The Gabbeh carpet’s monochromatic themes can either add a pop of color to your room or balance out those busy patterns. That’s why we believe that a handmade Gabbeh rug can be at once classic, modern, chic fun .. all the while representing your interior design style. Here are some tips to follow when decorating your space with a solid carpet. For starters, that color you love — put it everywhere! If you love a rich sage green, opt for a handmade green Gabben rug along with an accent wall and plants. It can be your main shade and everything else will be complimentary: beige, grey, black, wood and ivory. In a bedroom, a tonal rug takes on a more intimate role. Placed beneath the bed, a Gabbeh rug softens the environment and encourages a sensory connection the moment one's feet touch step out of bed each morning. We adore layering textures, so a plush solid and tonal rug can be layered with contrasting materials, like a woven throw or velvet pillows, inviting a tactile symphony.