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NoveltyTraditional Orange
Persian Kashan 3'11" x 2'1" Hand-knotted Wool Dark
Orange Rug
CAN $245.00 CAN $700.00

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Color : Dark Orange
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Hand-knotted in Kashan, a large rug producing oasis town in west central Iran Traditional style rug with Beige, Cream, Dark Orange-Red, Khaki, Light Yellow accent colors Imported from Iran and crafted using the finest weaving techniques Hand-knotted and constructed from 100% Wool with 100% Cotton foundation 3-Feet 11-Inchby 2-Feet 1-Inch(119.4cm x 63.5cm)

Care instructions
Like most things, our rugs require regular maintenance in order to last as long as possible. This includes periodic vacuuming and rotation. If spills occur, blot immediately. Use common wool cleaning detergent to remove stains. For extreme spills and stains, we recommend professional cleaning. For more information, read our After Care.