January 2017

Rug Decorating Tips

Hey rug lovers!

Since we are starting a New Year, I was thinking about cleaning out the old vibes and bringing in a new look into your homes, cottages, condos, apartments, wherever you live and love.


Basically I’d like to introduce everyone to mid-size rugs, and smaller rugs but placed in a unique way in your home.


I will show you how to freshen up your homes quickly while maintaining your budget. Say hello to the buzzing trend, Layering!


Layering rugs brings a room to life. It's fun adding layers by playing around with neutral colored rugs or pattern rugs in different colors and sizes. It's really all about the imagination, so think outside the box, layered rugs don’t need to be the same shape or lay perfectly on top of each other. You can even try placing one diagonally and create a whole new look.


All these rugs are handmade, and can become a beautiful centerpiece in your homes, or sometimes just an accent. But all serve the purpose of cutting down noise and keeping our feet cozy.



Firstly, maybe layer a Vintage rug on top of a Kilim or Sisal rug can be the perfect addition to any bedroom. This way you can achieve that Shabby-Chic look without too much effort, let your blankets hang over the edges of furniture and throw your gorgeous clothing everywhere.

Rug Decorating Tips


Keisari Vintage


Secondly, instead of one massive rug in your living space try two medium size rugs to separate the room: working area & lounging area. The key is to choose similar rugs but different lifestyles.  

Rug Decorating Tips


Plush Paradis Shag



And finally, also my favorite, makes your hallways and/or vestibules pop with a short runner and another longer Persian Runner. These Pieces of Art can make any Hallway Elegant, or brighten any Vestibule. It brings color and richness to anyone’s home.


Rug Decorating Tips


Hand-knotted Koliai Dark Copper Wool Rug



All these examples are actually a great way to cover lots of square footage while drawing you in to the heart of the room with a trendy and colorful rug.



It's about time you re-design your home and define your living spaces to match your personality!

Happy rug shopping, until then see you soon rug lovers!

This newsletter is a monthly publication written by Lynn Nikides with the collaboration of the ecarpetgallery editorial team. The April 2017 issue will cover Handmade Rugs.

December 2016

Rug Decorating Tips

Hey rug lovers!

Are you a millennial and looking for the next generation rug? I have the perfect solution for you; I’d like to introduce you to our Millennial Collection!


We have ALL been there, searching for a stylish, durable and contemporary rug. We all remember playing Lego on our grandparents heavy and pinchy traditional rugs, they were indestructible and immovable! Times have changed, we are constantly redefining ourselves and our environments, and we want our homes to reflect these changes. To meet these needs we’ve created a Millennial Collection, these carpets are foldable, light weight, comfortable rugs that mimic their environments, so you silicon valley professionals can transport these carpets with you as you move throughout your lives, from singleton to partner.


Ecarpetgallery allows you to purchase these carpets through our extensive website, freeshipping and amazing pricing.


If you're looking for a good mix of traditional and modern, the Signature Kilim collection is the way to go! These rugs have a traditional look, but are incredibly adaptable, when paired with contemporary furniture. My favorite, and also the easiest design, is to place this rug with a leather couch for that perfect blend!

Rug Decorating Tips


Hand Woven Antalya Cream, Dark Copper Wool Kilim


But if you prefer a more hip feel and like it simple, then your pick should be the Signature Moroccan collection. This plush collection highlights simple diamond patterns and a softer color palette. These rugs can be a perfect addition under any coffee or dining table for those picture perfect moments!  

Rug Decorating Tips


Frieze Plush Ivory Shag



Like glam and shine? Why not incorporate it into your home decor! Our Signature Shimmer collection breathes luxury and showcases elegant rugs for a classic chic ambience!


Rug Decorating Tips


Hand-knotted Shimmer Hudson Grey Silk Rug



Here is truly my favorite one! The Signature Ushak Heritage collection for that metropolitan and urbane theme! It's an inspiring blend of stunning pastels with a nice faded feel, that's also soft and silky. This collection, also, has some trendy Runners, that can be placed anywhere in your home for that calm and elegant vibe.


Rug Decorating Tips


Hand-knotted Stonewash Ushak Light Blue Wool Rug


It's about time you re-design your home and define your living spaces to match your personality!

Happy rug shopping, until then see you next month rug lovers!

This newsletter is a monthly publication written by Lynn Nikides with the collaboration of the ecarpetgallery editorial team. The January 2017 issue will cover Handmade styles.

November 2016

Rug Decorating Tips

Hey rug lovers!

Want to make a signature statement and elevate your living spaces? I have the perfect solution for you, say hello to our Signature collections.


We love our rug as an accessory to place under our feet, but it's a lot more than that. A rug instantly adds life to your home, and defines seating areas for your family to relax and unwind! .


Introducing our Exclusive Signature collections designed by ECarpetGallery, and created to keep up with changing trends. We have put together our most luxurious and high end rug selections giving you the perfect assortment to suit your taste.


Starting off with our beautiful Kilim Signature collection, which blends traditional tribal patterns with a modern touch:

- The Antalya design inspired by the timeless Anatolian tribal designs.

- The Mamaris design defines elegance, combined with fresh, cheerful colors. These designs will impress you and everyone around!

- The Adana design is handmade from the finest wool with raised embroidered motifs.

- The Tribeca design highlights soft geometries and abstract elements. It will be an hit in your living-room.


Persian rugs are always a good idea; you will absolutely love our Persian Signature collection! After all, nothing defines richness and luxury more than Persian rugs. These exclusive rugs are known for their richness of color, spectacular artistic patterns and extraordinary designs.

Rug Decorating Tips


Kashan Wool Rug


Don't worry; we haven't forgotten about the metropolitan and urbane Ushak rugs! Our Ushak Signature collection elegantly portrays the beauty of traditional Turkish rugs and strongly showcases Persian art.  


- The Parklane design boasts about stylized antique Ziegler Sultanabad designs with subdued neutral tones.

- The Jules Ushak is an elegant design of hand-knotted rugs, with a low pile antiqued technique. One of my forever favorite design

- The Sterling design is an eclectic design of antique Heriz designs in a breathtaking contemporary and transitional look.

- The Elixir design is a lyrical blend of antique styles with today's artisanal quality and touch. You surely don’t want to miss it.
- The Stonewash design is an inspiring blend of stunning pastels, classical Turkish motifs and contemporary styles.

- The Jules Sultan design showcases distressed disappearing motifs. Each rug is truly a piece of art on its own.

- The Monterey Silk design which is so soft and silky, you'll fall in love with its texture.


Inspired by antique Moroccan patterns? Our hand-knotted Moroccan Signature collection is a plush collection, impulsive and improvised in nature, creating an ambiance that blends comfort and style. You will simply fall in love with our Cambridge, Arlequin, Mystique, Diamond and Manhattan Moroccan rugs for their simple geometric patterns!

Rug Decorating Tips


Arlequin Cream Wool Rug

If you're like me, and like a bit of shimmer in your wardrobe, you would absolutely love our Shimmer Signature collection. It’s all about glam and shine, highlighting striking and elegant rugs. Check out our Linear, Hudson and Parquet Shimmer designs which boast about its rich palette of creams, teals and shades of gray accentuating each pattern, creating pieces that breathe luxury into their settings creating a chic ambiance.


It's time you explore our Signature collections and achieve new levels of home decor!

See you next month rug lovers!!

This newsletter is a monthly publication written by Déborah with the collaboration of the ecarpetgallery editorial team. The December 2016 issue will cover Our Millennial Collection of Rugs.

October 2016

Rug Decorating Tips

See you next month rug lovers, until then enjoy my buying trip in Turkey!

This newsletter is a monthly publication written by Déborah with the collaboration of the ecarpetgallery editorial team. The November 2016 issue will cover our Exclusive Signature Kilim Collection.

September 2016

Rug Decorating Tips

Hey rug lovers!

Hunting for a fancy rug for your bedroom or a cozy rug to relax in your living room? I have the perfect match for you: the very elegant Sheepskin rug.


Luxurious sheepskin rugs are carefully crafted from 100% premium quality Australian sheepskins, handpicked for their density and natural shine, to create stunning and classy contemporary rugs.


The beautiful sheepskins add warmth, texture, comfort, color and style to your home. You can instantly change your ambiance to a magnificent and charming place. Using only the highest quality, luxurious sheepskins are amazingly silky and durable. They feel so soft against your skin. Their playful energy won’t let you down. Lay down on them, close your eyes and your home will feel like a dream


Not only is it warm, and so homey, but also carry several qualities that may come as a surprise to you. Sheepskin wool does not shed and is naturally biodegradable! It can last for years, with minimum care. Not only this, a sheepskin rug resists tears, wrinkles and drapes very elegantly while retaining its shape. It's also water resistant, flame resistant and bacteria resistant. Lastly, it can really pamper you! It contains natural moisturizers that make the fur marvelously soft against your body. So now there’s no reason to be sheepish about sheepskins!!



If you're thinking to decorate your home with sheepskin rugs, check out these incredible decorating ideas:

- Cozy it up by your Fireplace with a nice glass of wine: We all know, there's nothing more pleasant than the caress of a cozy sheepskin rug on your body while seating beside a fireplace.

- In the Dining Room: Drape a sheepskin on the back of your dining chairs; it will surely add glamour to your room. Maybe, your guests won't feel like leaving!

- A Perfect morning by the Bed: Whether you have hardwood flooring or soft carpeting, who doesn't love a fluffy rug under their feet first thing in the morning? And yes, it might help you a little to get out of bed! .

Rug Decorating Tips


Handmade 100% Luxurious Brown SheepSkin

- Layer it up: to make your place sexier, layer a small sheepskin rug on top of a larger rug. This combination will give your room a classy look.

- As a Runner for your Hallway: The extravagant shapes of most sheepskins make them a perfect choice for warming up your hallway.

- As a Throw Blanket: Use your sheepskin as a throw rug to add tenderness to your sofa or chair .

Rug Decorating Tips


Handmade 100% Luxurious Ivory Single SheepSkin

- Baby proofing your Apartment: A sheepskin rug can do a great job transforming hard floors into soft ones, that's ideal for your baby's first steps.

- Pamper your Pets: No more worries, Sheepskin rugs are not just durable but also easy to maintain. So let your dog have a good night sleep on his new Sheepskin bed.


So, are you ready to create the sexiest place in your neighborhood with all these different sheepskins? .

See you next month rug lovers, until then enjoy your luxurious Sheepskin rugs! .

This newsletter is a monthly publication written by Déborah with the collaboration of the ecarpetgallery editorial team. The October 2016 issue will cover Handmade rugs.

August 2016

Rug Decorating Tips

Hey rug lovers!

Want to add a comforting touch to your cozy bedroom or your modern living room? I know what you’re looking for: a Fabulous Shag rug!


Shag rugs have come back into popularity, and for good reasons. These rugs give a "lived in" sort of feel to your home.


These shags are multi functional! You can use them in your bedroom as a romantic art piece, or in your living room as a decorative accent to accentuate your sofa or coffee table. Shag rugs are so comfortable that your kids would love to sit and play on them all day long. You can easily add fun to your kids’ room with these great rugs! It’s time to get shagalicious and give your home a retro look!


Shag rugs range in different sizes, shapes, colors, patterns, and prices to complement different home decor aesthetics. Some of my all time favorite shag collections are:

Alpaca, Capturing all that is modern; this Moroccan themed shag will add both style and comfort to any room. Designed to be soft underfoot, this rug has a dense, multi yarn pile, perfect for today’s lifestyle. .
Rug Decorating Tips


Alpaca Shag

Alaskan, Popular in the ’70s, the shag rug is back. With a thick plush pile and wonderful palette, this rug brings flawless harmony with cool, casual comfort to every decor.
Rug Decorating Tips


Alaskan Shag

Arctic, Try something new with this trendsetter. This multi textured salt and pepper shag rug will add both style and comfort to any room.
Rug Decorating Tips


Arctic Shag

Thinking what sets these shag rugs apart from the rest? There are many reasons, but here are just a few topping my list:

- Having a soft and plush feel, shag rugs give a warm and inviting ambiance to your home.

- Very durable, insulating and naturally stain resistant, making them excellent for high traffic areas and kid’s rooms.

- Having such an element of style: zing it up to serve as a focal point in a contemporary home decor setting.

- So versatile; shag rugs may be used to add texture and comfort to wood, tile or any other floor type!

- Easy to clean and maintain! 3 simple steps, rake your rug, use a rug pad and vacuum lightly.


It’s interesting to note, shags rugs can create such a great vibe. These rugs can easily liven up the ambiance and create a great mood! If you have a small room, choose a shag color similar to the walls and furniture, to make it look more spacious and big. Do the exact reverse, if you’d like to make the room appear smaller and cozier! It’s always a good idea to select a colorful, bold rug with neutral furnishings to balance out.

See you next month rug lovers, until then enjoy your beautiful shag rugs!

This newsletter is a monthly publication written by Déborah with the collaboration of the ecarpetgallery editorial team. The September 2016 issue will cover Sheepskins.

July 2016

Rug Decorating Tips

Hey rug lovers!

Ecarpetgallery.com 20 year Anniversary!!!


The team at EcarpetGallery is all full of energy and enthusiasm as they complete 20 beautiful years, and would like to celebrate their happiness by thanking all their customers for their patronage and trust.


Ecarpetgallery started out as an idea to test E-commerce, as the giant online retailers stepped into the online shopping space. It all seemed exciting and people were really new to the concept of selling and purchasing products virtually. In early days, EcarpetGallery had fewer rugs, but a very strong proof of concept. Slowly over the time, products started gaining customer attention and with growing customer demands, the product line started to expand.


Ever since, Ecarpetgallery has been perfecting its store for 20 years and, finding a great rug has never been easier. Known equally for their exquisite handmade collections, especially their gorgeous Persian rugs, but also their passion for machine woven rugs.


EcarpetGallery is at the intersection of luxury and affordability. Today, they have over 20,000 rugs with unique designs, colors and sizes. All the hand knotted rugs are selected one by one from around the world through local weavers and therefore, no middleman or reseller is involved. Their in-house curating buying team is unparallel to none in their product knowledge and savviness. That’s how they are able to bring to you the worlds most unique and exclusive rug styles at optimal prices.
Ecarpetgallery’s history in Persian rugs, is extensive; to date they’ve shipped over 2 million Persian rugs worldwide. On their 20 year anniversary, Ecarpetgallery is pleased and delighted to announce, the nearly 10 year sanctions against Iran have been lifted. Today, they are a leading source of authentic Persian rugs in the market place. The selection is unique, the most exclusive being, the authentic Tabriz, Heriz, Bijar, Kashan, Qashqai, Nain and Kashkuli rugs, to name a few.
Rug Decorating Tips


Persian Vintage Wool Rug

For their 20 year anniversary, Ecarpetgallery is proud to showcase their website make over: New Look & New Face! What do you think? Fabulous, right?
At EcarpetGallery, the Founder and President Emmanuel Torabi believes, a good team effort drives business. Their strong and experienced curating team has years of experience and knowledge which is seen in their products throughout the website.


Join EcarpetGallery 20 year anniversary celebrations and keep your eyes open on their website as they upload new shipments of rugs daily!!!

See you next month rug lovers!!

This newsletter is a monthly publication written by Déborah with the collaboration of the ecarpetgallery editorial team. The August 2016 issue will cover Handmade styles.

June 2016

Rug Decorating Tips

Hey rug lovers!

Looking for a more exotic way to decorate your home with rugs from across the globe, I have the perfect solution for you: Flat-weave rugs


Flat-weave rugs are a popular and affordable alternative. They are easy to handle, light-weight and typically reversible. Flat-weave rugs can really complement your home, especially during Spring & Summer season.


In a flat-weave rug, the colored weft strands of wool are woven across the loom over and under the warp strands. Without any knots, flat weaves do not have a pile. Their uncomplicated patterns and palettes accommodate a range of styles. These boldly colored geometric rugs can help to create a stronger statement.


Despite their centuries old origins, kilim rugs are the most popular in the flat-weave category and are surging in popularity all over the world and popping up everywhere in magazines and design blogs.


Decorating your home with a Flat-weave rug can add a unique flare to your space. With so many selections to choose from, let’s delve into the top four:
Kilim rugs,: Kilim floor coverings are available in brightly colored or earth tone color, the strong appeal lies in the medley of interwoven geometric motifs. They often possess tribal symbols, with each a different meaning. For pattern lovers, a kilim offers an alternative to permanent patterned floors and a way to bring warmth to a space along with a global vibe.
Rug Decorating Tips

Kilim Rug

Dhurrie rugs They consist of minimalist and neutral-color, which will appeal to everyone’s budget and taste. These beautiful pieces are flat-weave using earthy and texture-rich fibers for a casual look that feels natural as well as contemporary. Sometimes you just want to go bright and bold with a rug choice. They are made of the finest of materials; these handmade dhurries will add a splash of vibrancy. Light and easily transportable, these magnificent flat-weave rugs will reinvent your floor.
Rug Decorating Tips

Dhurrie Rug

Sumak rugs It is a tapestry technique of weaving strong and decorative textiles used as rugs. These durable needlepoint rugs are crafted with care and are true to the original flat weaving techniques used in 17th century. Perfect as a throw rug or wall hanging.
Rug Decorating Tips

Sumak Rug


Persian Flat-weave rugs : Handmade in Iran, Persian flat-weaves such as a Qashqai, Varamin or a Kashkuli have geometric and small motif patterns that work well in traditional and southwestern decors. They are also made of select hand spun soft wool culminating in a repeated geometric medallion design with dark browns, dark red on khaki or dark blue field. Their entire artistic creativity is evidenced in the composition of these Oriental carpets.
Rug Decorating Tips

Persian Flat-weave Rug


The highly patterned, brightly colored, flat woven rugs are not new, but just recently they've started cropping up in homes all over the world. Their colorful style makes them a beautiful complement to a more minimal & modern furnishings. Also they're a great way to bring a little texture into a room.

See you next month rug lovers!!

This newsletter is a monthly publication written by Déborah with the collaboration of the ecarpetgallery editorial team. The July 2016 issue will cover Handmade styles.

May 2016

Rug Decorating Tips

Hey rug lovers!

You layer your clothes, why not your Rugs?


The layered rug look is definitely a hot design trend! Mix them, match them, and create your own look.


When layering rugs, it is very important to find textures and colors that work in harmony. This will add a unique style to any room.


Here are 5 tips to achieving the perfect layered look for your room.



1) Find a color scheme: Neutral rugs work well as a base because they are easy to mix without overwhelming the room. For example, organic rugs such as sisal, jute or sea grass are excellent choices for a base layer. The objective is to make sure the layered rugs flow on your floor and don’t compete with your furniture. For the layering, I would recommend either a pop of color that balances the room or a neutral tone not to overwhelm the room.


Rug Decorating Tips


Coming Soon: Sisal rug


2) Mix Textures: Mixing textures is the key to layered rugs. Hides, for example, are great for layering because they are thin and funky. Layering two types of rugs will add unexpected texture and depth to any room.



3) Don’t forget proportions: Placing a rug that is too small on top of a very large rug will cause the smaller rug to look out of place. Keep the layering within a ratio of 1 to 1 1/2. The smaller rugs will draw more attention to the room. This is a perfect way to create a focal point that feels complete and cozy.



4) Play with patterns: Don’t be afraid to mix patterns, just make sure that they are within the same palette of colors. The pattern on pattern concept in a room is genius and works well together because they don’t perfectly match, which makes the room feel strategically undone.


5) Play with shapes: Your base rug will most likely be a rectangle, but the top rug doesn’t have to be the same shape. Don't be afraid to play with shapes! Experiment by layering a round rug over a rectangular rug at the center of your living room to create a focal point under your coffee table.


Give a new look to your room by adding extra layers; you will be pleasantly surprised.


Rug Decorating Tips


Isfahan Persian rug

See you next month rug lovers!!

This newsletter is a monthly publication written by Déborah with the collaboration of the ecarpetgallery editorial team. The June 2016 issue will cover Flat-weaves rugs.

April 2016

Rug Decorating Tips

Hey rug lovers!

My favorite season is here! Spring, the season of joy and colors. The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, the bees are buzzing and the weather is so delightful: a perfect reason to spend more time outside.


Thinking of an outdoor / terrace makeover? An Outdoor rug is the way to go as it’s a very easy and inexpensive way to add color and style to your outdoor space.


Finding the perfect outdoor rug can be a fun experience. Here are some points to consider when looking for the perfect match to your outdoor space. The first thing to keep in mind when looking for an outdoor rug is the size. First, you will need to measure how much space you have to work with. Then, given the variety of patio furniture that is out there, you will have to be sure to find a rug that’s the perfect fit.


Let’s not forget, since outdoor rugs are water resistant, you can easily decorate your outdoor space and poolside without any worries. Outdoor rugs are typically woven loose with no pile. This sort of weave not only allows the rug to breathe and dry more quickly than an indoor rug, it also allows water and dirt to pass through the rug reducing the chance of it accumulating mould and mildew.


As you know, the Spring/Summer months in fashion and home decor are filled with bright, flashy colors that pop. Having said this, now you’ll start seeing an influx of rugs in fabulous summer colors in a variety of palettes. Decorating your terrace or your back yard with an outdoor rug will add a unique flavor to your outdoor space. With so many selections to choose from, let’s look at my 2 favorite collections:
The illusion, available in bold transitional and soft contemporary patterns , will add a breath of freshness to your environment. Perfect indoors and out, the stylish Illusion collection is woven with the softest polypropylene available.
Rug Decorating Tips

Illusion Rug

The sapphire, inspired by the ancient Indian art of color meditation, reinvents the allure of Sari silk rugs. A moody palette of dramatic jewel tones and antiqued motifs turn these flat weave masterpieces into a magical and fascinating canvas.
Rug Decorating Tips

Sapphire Rug


Welcome Spring with open arms by creating your own enchanted outdoor space with a weather friendly rug.

See you next month rug lovers!!

This newsletter is a monthly publication written by Déborah with the collaboration of the ecarpetgallery editorial team. The May 2016 issue will cover layering rugs.

March 2016

Rug Decorating Tips

Hey rug lovers!

We couldn't be more excited to introduce our second editorial newsletter!


As you may know, for nearly a decade, Persian rugs were not available in the marketplace due to the US embargo towards Iran. The good news is the embargo has finally been lifted and we are so excited to be able to offer you these exquisite rugs once again.


Worldwide, the most sought after type of rug is the Persian rug and, I have to admit, the most beautiful. Using the most select quality of wool and dyes, Persian handmade rugs can sometimes take years to create. Persian rugs are woven by nomadic tribes, in villages and towns, and even by royal court manufactories. Rug weaving is an integral part of Persian culture which has been handed down from fathers to sons for generations.


These masterpieces are woven in different towns such as Tabriz, Bijar, Hamadan, Bakhtiar, Gabbeh, Kashan, Isfahan, Nain and Shiraz, creating a unique set of characteristics depending on the region from where they are made.


Decorating your home with a Persian rug can add a unique flare to your space. With so many selections to choose from, let’s delve into the top three:
Gabbeh rugs, I would say, are the most well-known handmade rugs with an extra high pile and very simple, but rather stylish design. The uniqueness in the dyes and handspun wool results in a collage of similar hues, giving the Gabbeh rug its typical rich finish. The lustrous soft wool and tribal motifs makes the Gabbeh Persian rug a great decorative piece, in any décor.
Rug Decorating Tips

Gabbeh Rug

Tabriz is a city that played an important historical role in reviving the tradition of rug weaving after periods of decline. Rugs woven by tribes of Tabriz are distinguished by their fine wool, bright and complex colors. Nomadic tribes and village weavers often produce rugs with bolder more coarse designs, which are considered to be the most authentic and traditional rugs of Persia.
Rug Decorating Tips

Tabriz Rug

Isfahan rugs are famous for their intricate colors and artistic designs rendering them treasured in museums all over the world. With different and delicately executed designs ranging from central medallions to all-over florals using a plethora of vibrant colors, these rugs are known for their fine weave and excellent quality. Isfahan rugs will compliment any type of décor from modern to traditional.


Rug Decorating Tips

Isfahan Rug


All these rugs and many more are ready to ship, order yours today!

See you next month rug lovers!!

This newsletter is a monthly publication written by Déborah with the collaboration of the ecarpetgallery editorial team. The April 2016 issue will cover Outdoor rug trends and styles.

February 2016

Rug Decorating Tips

Hey rug lovers!

We couldn't be more excited to introduce our first editorial newsletter!

In 2016, let the world into your home.

The New Year is always a good excuse to start over, to bring change and positive new habits into your life. Adding a new rug, a few pillows and a couple candles can completely change the atmosphere of your room on a budget!


During these cold months, winter might just make you love your home in new and unexpected ways.  Now is the time to add lots of layers to your rooms. This newsletter will highlight rug collections, helping you to choose the best fit for you.
The Serapi Rug Collection is very popular right now.  With its strong Persian influence, it’s immediately recognizable. Striking and majestic, these rugs reflect the famous geometric Serapi designs and colours of the older Persian Heriz rugs. These stunning area rugs are magnified by a versatile palette of soft hues and rich tones that blend traditional and modern elements, to embody elegance and sophistication.
Rug Decorating Tips

Serapi Rug

Another trend that we see up and coming is reflected in the Ushak Rug Collection.  It's an inspiring blend of classical Turkish Ushak motifs and contemporary styles. Prized for its pastel colours, artistic designs and superior craftsmanship, this rug works well with both traditional and transitional home décors.
Rug Decorating Tips

Ushak Rug

Last, but not least, I have to confess, my ultimate favourite is the Gazni Rug Collection.  These fine rugs are handwoven by Uzbek master weavers in Afghanistan with precious hand-spun Gazni wool. The wool is immersed in vegetable dyes until natural, beautiful soft tones are achieved. The transitional geometric style of these rugs work well in both traditional and contemporary décors, adding a distinctive allure and becoming the focus of your room.


Rug Decorating Tips

Gazni Rug


So start fresh. Get new. This New Year, cozy up your floors without breaking the bank.

See you next month rug lovers!!

This newsletter is a monthly publication written by Déborah with the collaboration of the ecarpetgallery editorial team. Since the 10 years sanctions against Iran have been lifted, the March 2016 issue will cover Persian rug trends and styles.