How to Choose the Right Rug

Just follow these four easy steps and you’ll have a rug that’ll look great in your home!


Find the right size

Finding the right size of your rug before anything else is the most important. If you’re furniture is not against the wall you’ll want your rug to be big enough to fit outside the outer legs of your furniture, otherwise, your rug should only reach the inner legs of your furniture. For rugs such as dining room rugs, your rug should extend 2 feet away from every side of your table.You can easily select the size of the rug you want in our quick filter menus.


Choose the right material

The material you choose for your rug should reflect its use. If your rug will be placed in a high traffic area, use our search filters to choose a natural material such as cotton, wool, jute, sisal or hemp. Flatweaves and kilims are especially suited for high traffic areas. Machine made and tufted rugs last longer in lower-traffic areas.


Find the right pattern

The pattern of your rug should compliment the patterns of your furniture. For instance, a solid rug is a good match for a sofa with a striking pattern. Conversely, patterned styles will look great with neutral decor. Neutral rugs, such as shags, will look great with any decor. You can easily sort through all styles by searching by styles and colors.


Quick tip: Matching the secondary color of your rug with the color of your furniture is a foolproof way of finding a rug that matches your decor.


If you spill anything on your rug, it is always safest to try to spot clean it before doing anything else. If you’ve tried this and you’ve still got a stain, we’ve got you covered. Head over to our rug care page for detailed information on getting rid of stains fast and effectively.