How to Style a Rug for Any Space

Not all of us were blessed with the gift of a great eye for decor. We know what we like, what looks good to us and maybe what our dream room looks like, but getting there? That’s the tricky part. Especially when it comes to rugs, there are some key guidelines you’ll want to follow to make sure your living room, dining room, kitchen or bedroom doesn’t look like a random assortment of trends and color palettes. We’re counting down our top tips to help you achieve that perfect level of effortless cohesion—no matter the rug, no matter the room.

Size Matters

Neither too big nor too small, there is an ideal goldilocks zone you’ll want to aim for when choosing a rug. Consider the size of the room—as well as its function—and the size of the piece of furniture that will sit atop it. Before you make your purchase, map out the dimensions of the rug using masking tape to give you an exact visual of proportions.

Pick a Zone

Identify an area of the room that you’d like to highlight. Whether it’s a table, your bed or simply the center of the room, this designated area will serve as your focal point, so choose wisely!

Choose Colors Carefully

No one’s saying you can’t play with color, just that you don’t want to invite too many different ones to the party. Try to choose a rug that ties in colors you’ve already incorporated throughout the room. Alternately, go neutral. You can’t go wrong!

Play with Patterns

Don’t be afraid to have some fun with patterns. Just because you have a lively motif going on the window treatments, doesn’t mean you can’t also add an intricately patterned rug. A good rule of thumb, if you’re going to mix up the patterns, is to stay within a similar color palette. That way, you’ll get diversity and interest without looking all-over-the-place.

Texture is Key

One thing a rug brings into a room that few other elements are capable of is texture. Whether it’s sheepskin, shag, flatweave or wool, use this centerpiece as a way to give the space the feel you’re after. If it’s warmth you’re trying to add, something plush may be the solution. More light and breezy? Opt for something flatter, like a kilim.

Match Shapes

A great way to ensure your rug looks like the perfect fit is to mirror either the shape of the room or the item it’s highlighting. For example, if you have a round table, placing a round rug underneath it will create cohesion. Likewise, a rectangular rug in a rectangular room is a no-brainer.