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Vintage Rugs

Nurturing timeless craftsmanship and sustainable methods of production, our collection ... of handmade vintage rugs are sourced from various countries around the world, with centuries of hand weaving traditions. We embrace the imperfections of vintage decor pieces - they are well-loved works of art constructed from strong and elegant materials.

Browse our selection of handmade vintage rugs online, and discover why ECARPETGALLERY is the best source for affordable vintage rugs.

To discover more handmade rugs at great prices, discover our collection of Persian Rugs.


Items 1-44 of 1084

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Items 1-44 of 1084

1084 products sorted by

More About Vintage Rugs

Here at ECARPETGALLERY, you are guaranteed access to the most intricate vintage handmade rug designs featuring deep, natural dyes. Our production partners hail from the handweaving meccas around the world, and they craft handmade rugs while expertly balancing both innovations in production practices and tradition.

When searching for the ideal Vintage rug online, trust our stylists for expert curating of handmade rugs. Updated on a weekly basis, we highlight for you the best and latest. We curate vintage area rugs in all sizes, designs, and shades, completing any interior space with their steadfast grace. Our vintage rugs will become antique pieces that you will treasure for years to come. Vintage rugs are an easy way to add texture or interest to a room.

For an overview of a great variety of designs and styles, head over to our Best Selling Collections. You will be treated to a vast array of choices, from the simpler Color Transition rugs, to the more elaborate Persian rugs.