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Celebrated for their deep reds and dark blues, Khal Mohammadi rugs are the cornerstone of elegance and quality. ... Unlike most rugs that are named after a city or region, Khal Mohammadi alludes to the master rug producer and dye master - Khal Mohammadi - who originally designed these tribal rugs in Northern Afghanistan. A sequence of gols (elephant like pattern) and octagonal motifs take centre stage, lending to the rug's timeless aesthetic.

Each rug is hand-knotted by the finest Turkoman weavers from 100% wool ensuring long-wearing durability.

Browse our selection of handmade Khal Mohammadi rugs online, and discover why ECARPETGALLERY is the best source for affordable Khal Mohammadi rugs.

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  1. Afghan Finest Khal Mohammadi 3'11" x 7'0" Hand-knotted Wool Rug Afghan Finest Khal Mohammadi 3'11" x 7'0" Hand-knotted Wool Rug

Our Khal Mohammadi area rugs are expertly woven by professional artisans who devote their expertise to tying each knot by hand. Using only natural materials such as wool, these Afghan rugs are not only visually captivating but also exceptionally durable, long-lasting and biodegradable. The distinct beauty of an Afghan Khal Mohammadi rug lies in their deep red color, achieved through the use of natural dyes. The rich, earthy tones evoke a sense of warmth and authenticity. Adorned with geometric patterns, elaborate motifs, and symbolic designs, an Afghan tribal rug reflects the cultural heritage of the region. Each Khal Mohammadi rug tells a story through its meticulous attention to detail. Medallions, octagons, and floral themes are expertly woven into the fabric, creating a tapestry of tradition and legacy. Their deep pile and robust construction make them ideal for high-traffic areas such as hallways, living rooms, and kitchens, ensuring that they will withstand the test of time all while maintaining their stunning beauty. Explore the captivating qualities of these Afghan handmade rugs and find the perfect centerpiece for your space. .

How to choose a Khal Mohammadi rug?

When you're on the hunt for the perfect Khal Mohammadi rug, there are a few key aspects to keep in mind. First off, one must consider the knotting technique. These rugs are crafted using a traditional hand-knotting method known as symmetrical knotting. This technique not only adds to the rug's durability but also gives it that extra touch of value and authenticity. Khal Mohammadi rugs are also known for their alluring patterns, ranging from geometric shapes and medallions to octagons and beautiful floral motifs. While they are often chosen to add warmth and cultural charm to traditional and vintage interiors, they're also great at softening the harsher elements of industrial spaces. When it comes to colors, Khal Mohammadi rugs boast a distinctive palette. The deep red and dark navy hues achieved through natural dyes are especially sought after and add a touch of richness to any space. As you explore your options, consider rugs with captivating color combinations that will complement your interior décor. Of course, size and shape matter too. You'll want to ensure that the rug you choose fits your space just right. At ECARPETGALLERY, you can narrow down your search by size, for example, to a 5x8 Khal Mohammadi rug or to an 8x10 Khal Mohammadi rug

How to maintain antique and new Khal Mohammadi rugs?

Maintaining the timeless beauty and value of your Khal Mohammadi rug, whether antique or new, requires proper care and regular upkeep. Collectors who understand the significance of their investment know that preserving the rug's condition is paramount. While Khal Mohammadi rugs, woven from wool, possess the ability to conceal dirt, they gradually accumulate abrasive particles over time. Neglecting regular cleaning can result in damage to the rug's fibers and foundation, leading to irreversible consequences. To prevent a loss of color vibrancy and maintain the rug's allure, we recommend incorporating a few simple at-home care practices. Regular vacuuming is essential in eliminating dirt and particles that settle within the rug's fibers. When vacuuming your Khal Mohammadi rug, ensure that the beater bar is turned off, as the aggressive motorized brush can break the surface fibers. Instead, use an upholstery attachment or a vacuum without a beater bar. When vacuuming, it is advisable to move sideways across the width of the rug and against the direction of the pile. Take extra care to avoid vacuuming over the fringe, as rotating brushes can quickly damage or tear it. For rugs with a thin foundation and pile, use gentle pressure and vacuum in the direction of the pile only. The goal is to minimize the accumulation of dust and grit. In general, it is recommended to vacuum the top of your afghan rug every 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the level of foot traffic and the rug's location in your home. Additionally, every other month, take the time to vacuum the backside of the rug. This practice helps to minimize moth and bug activity, ensuring the long-term preservation of your vintage Afghan rug

Discounted Khal Mohammadi rugs

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