Persian Kashan Rugs

The town of Kashan, which lies between Isfahan and Qum on the old route that traverses the Great Desert, has been famous for its outstanding textiles for centuries. However, the standards set by the weavers ... during the early 1900s such as the balance between all the elements of structure, design and tone, have established Kashan in many ways as the home of the very best carpet weaving. The main difference with Kashan rugs is their skillful design which is just that more subtle, more elegant and finely conceived all along the warp. For instance, although in the Kashan carpet the central medallion, corners and borders are generally a dark navy, this shade doesn’t dominate the piece. In fact, the clever use of ivory and lighter hues of the secondary motifs contribute to the overall better color-balance of the Kashan rug. This rug design is easily recognizable from the shape of the medallion whereby the little spikes, almond shaped pendant on either side and the rectangular corner-turns in the outline are elements that are absolutely unique to the Kashan practice. Persian Kashan carpets are at prices which reflect both their intrinsic excellence and the fact by the late 1960s the production of this grade had practically halted.More
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