Revival Rugs

Discover an ever-evolving handpicked selection of our authentic Revival rugs. Each piece is one-of-a-kind ... and sourced directly from Iran, Turkey or Pakistan. Nurturing timeless craftsmanship and sustainable methods of production, our collection of handmade vintage rugs are the result of centuries-old hand weaving traditions. Browse our selection of handmade Revival rugs online, and discover why ECARPETGALLERY is the best source for affordable vintage rugs. To discover more handmade rugs at great prices, discover our collection of Vintage Rugs.More
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Our collection of Revival rugs embrace the timeless allure of handmade textiles. Our love for revival, or vintage, rugs is deeply rooted in their ability to infuse character, history and charm into the spaces they lay. We’ve carefully selected and curated the most authentic wool rugs, with their weathered patinas and intricate patterns, so that you can find the perfect vintage piece to match or amplify your decor. From Persian vintage carpets to Vintage Turkish kilims, our selection of revival area rugs is unmatched anywhere. Subtle imperfections can be found on some of these vintage pieces but they become part of the rug’s narrative, connecting us to the artisanal hands that wove them and the spaces they’ve graced. Revival rugs are also our favorite way to be sustainable. Handmade rugs crafted from resilient natural materials can last for over 50 years when they are well-cared for. Each revival rug is a one-of-a-kind craft, embodying a profound artistic expression of the weaver’s culture.