Moroccan Rugs

Handmade by Berber tribes across the Atlas Mountains, Moroccan rugs are true works of functional art. ... The sketchy chaos or broken, random design of each piece reflects the triviality of the weaver along with the history of their tradition.

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Never underestimate the power of a bold and vintage Moroccan rug to improve a space. The right piece whether you opt for a Moroccan black rug or a Moroccan red rug can be that finishing touch or the star element that brings everything together. Cherished for their colorful modern design schemes and powerful sense of the asymmetrical, handmade Moroccan rugs embody a universality that make them appreciated and enjoyed by many. At ECARPETGALLERY we carry an array of Moroccan pieces from modern Moroccan style rugs which feature natural palettes and simple diamond patterns to vintage Moroccan rugs characterized by their unique sizes and ambiguous tribal motifs. What’s more, vintage Moroccan rugs are woven in bright vivid colors such as purples, blues and yellows and have the faded patina only achieved by age. The symbols found on vintage pieces were not merely for decorating but rather served a quasi-magical and religious purpose in preserving life. Feminine symbols often depicted in Berber rugs include the chevron, the lozenge and the X-shape while male symbols took the form of long and straight lines or beams. Typically, the male and female symbols are woven side-by-side or linked with one another to represent the reproductive unity.