Mid Century Modern Rugs

At once classic and contemporary, our collection of mid century modern rugs is a celebration of high-quality materials ... and primal forms. This collection features gentle zig-zags, stepped contour carvings and Bauhaus-inspired geometries showcasing the elegant understatement that defined the mid-century American aesthetic. Each piece is unique and a true testament to the skilled artistry of the weaver who made it.More
ECARPETGALLERY Mid-Century Modern style rug in bedroom
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  1. Pakistani Peshawar Ziegler 5'1" x 7'3" Hand-knotted Wool Rug Pakistani Peshawar Ziegler 5'1" x 7'3" Hand-knotted Wool Rug
  2. Indian Tangier 5'11" x 7'11" Hand-knotted Wool Rug Indian Tangier 5'11" x 7'11" Hand-knotted Wool Rug
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Mid Century Modern rugs are a great way to add a little softness and style to any living space. Subtle earthy color combinations and a play with contrasts characterize these handmade textiles making them a popular choice for interiors centered around statement pieces. Opt for a seamless mid century modern style rug woven from wool or jute to achieve an expansive and neutral foundation, allowing decorative elements to take center stage. Also, natural fiber textiles incorporate nicely with wood – a material celebrated across the MCM design movement. Looking to introduce shapes and forms? Find a rug that features high/low carvings or boasts an overall asymmetric design to deliver that distinctive look. Whether you are looking for an accent rug to pair with your coffee table or a large area rug for the bedroom, our mid century modern style rugs boast eye-catching details to elevate your space and provide extra comfort underfoot.

How to Style Mid Century Modern Area Rugs

Never overlook the transformative and chic potential of a well-chosen MCM area rug. Beyond comfort, our handmade mid century modern rugs hold the key to exquisite style when curated with care. The use of a sophisticated and timeless rug elevates the aesthetic of any living space. Here at Ecarpetgallery, our assortment of mid century modern rugs include pieces woven by hand in Nepal, Pakistan and India. Just as your first step into a room sets the tone, the same goes for the rug you choose to lay beneath your furniture. Placing a blue mid-century modern rug beneath tables, sofas, or workspaces elevates the room's expansiveness. For those keen on a more maximalist feel, opt for a mid century modern round rugs. These mid century modern wool rugs draw focus towards the heart of the room, whether it’s a beautiful floral bouquet, a statement art piece or your beloved armchair.